Wiring harness

An Established Wire Harness Manufacturer in India

We develop sensor wires, power cable sets and much more.

UNI-TECH is a significant wire harness manufacturing company for all Genset, Material handling & other industrial applications (OEMs) with a diverse range of electrical wiring harnesses. UNI-TECH started manufacturing wire harnesses in 1996, and today UNI-TECH wire harnesses are used by significant Genset manufacturers in India.

Catering to a wide-range of wiring harnesses, UNI-TECH is equipped with automatic wire cutting & stripping machines with crimp force measurement control, automatic ferrule printing, conduit cutting machines.

Types of wiring harnesses manufactured in UNI-TECH

1. Genset Wiring Harness

A Genset Wiring Harness is bunch of cables protected with conduit, sleeves, braiding etc which transmit / Collects signals from various sensors, switches assembled on engine at various location & communicate them with controller assembled in control panel.

2. Canopy Wiring Harness

A Wiring harness used to connect switches & different devices located / fitted on canopy to control panel is called as CANOPY Wiring Harness.


Power cable is the media of connection to the power circuit of any assembly. UNI-TECH offers wide range of power cables along with end connections as per requirement.


Battery cable is used to connect battery with the circuit of any assembly. UNI-TECH offers wide range of battery cables along with end connections as per requirement.

5. Braided Harness

When it comes to providing mechanical strength and when the reduced available space is a complex task to comply, braided harness is a preferred choice of the users. Braided harness provides mechanical strength, eliminates the use of various joints that are used in conventional harnesses and also makes the harness slimmer and flexible to use in demanding service conditions. The basic material used in these harness is nylon braid. UNI-TECH offers this harness on demand.

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