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Electrical Control Panels are an essential part of all industrial applications & are mostly tailor-made to suit specific application needs. Our well-experienced engineering design team at UNI-TECH works with the latest software tools to produce optimum design solutions. Being one of the expert control panel manufacturers in India, we have a full-fledged manufacturing facility consisting of world-class CNC machines for sheet metal fabrication and state-of-the-art powder coating plants, all under one roof. At UNI-TECH, all the panels are checked and tested by a team of QC engineers to ensure the delivery of first-time-right, defect-free products to the customer.

Our range of manufacture includes (but not limited to) -

1.Power Control Centers (PCC / Distribution Panels)

These panels provide the power distribution & monitoring solution for your plant. Necessary safety features along with required accessories are provided for safe operation and operator safety.

Our design engineers collaborate with users / customers to bring out an optimum design solution. In special cases, we can also provide modular designs in PCC, allowing to shift feeders from from one location to another to reduce the down time

  • Modular/ Compartmentalized design
  • Ingress protection – standard IP42, upto IP55 when required
  • Design Isc level – Usually upto 50KA for 1 Sec
  • Rated Current – Upto 6300A
  • Busbar material – Copper /Aluminum
  • Sturdy Construction
  • Standards – IEC 61439 / IS8623

2.Motor Control Centers (MCC)

These panels are used for providing the control of various motors for your plant.

We work with the customer to understand their design philosophy and develop the control wiring diagrams accordingly. In special cases, we can also provide modular design allowing to shift feeders from one location to another to reduce the down time

  • Modular/ Compartmental / Non-compartmental design
  • Ingress Protection upto IP55
  • Designed Isc Level – As per Customer Requirement
  • Rated Current – As per Customer Requirement
  • Busbar material – Copper /Aluminum
  • Sturdy Construction
  • IEC 61439 / IS xxxxx

3.PLC Panels

Most of the process plants are now-a-days operated by PLC systems. We can offer variety of PLC panels to suit the customer requirements, such as s stand-alone type panels, workstation type, desk type panels etc. We can provide total solution including PLC programming and required site support or we can we can install PLC hardware supplied by customer, depending upon customer preference

4.VFD Panels

Working out on best solution for given application is what we have for you in case of VFD panels. Advantages like reduced energy consumption, extended life and low maintenance is making this product a favorite choice of users. UNI-TECH can provide you with appropriate solution based on your requirement. Providing dirt proof enclosures ,maintaining internal ambient along with necessary protections for VFD is what we serve you for enhanced performance of VFD’s.

5.Instrumentation Panels

Monitoring and controlling process parameters is what we achieve by use of Instrumentation panels. Monitoring and watching your whole process work from a single location is made easy by Instrumentation panels. These are tailor-made panels and are designed taking into account the needs of the plant. We are into design and manufacturing of Instrumentation Panels in various constructions and shapes like Wall Mounted, Stand alone, Desk type etc.

6.AMF Panels

AMF i.e. Automatic Mains Failure panel

Which makes power switch to emergency standby generator during mains failure. We design, manufacture & test our own as well as customized AMF panels with our own manufacturing set up. We manufacture AMF panel for all range of Genset rating. KVA Ratings - 5vA, 7.5kvA, 10kVA, 15vA, 25kvA, 40kVA, 45vA, 50kvA, 63kVA, 75kvA, 100kvA, 125kVA up to 630kvA and above. We do also manufacture AMF panels with our own controller.

7.Synchronizing Panels

This category of Control Panel is used for Load Sharing in Gensets. The function starts operating once there is Mains Failure. One or more than one Gensets get cranked together and share the loads as per the programmed logic in controllers. The synchronization is achieved by use of Contactors of Motorized breakers. The Synchronized power is fed to the load through common Busbar system. We here at UNI-TECH take pride in offering you with best in class solutions for your Application.

  • Auto/Manual Synchronizing Modes
  • Ingress Protection Class – IP54
  • Busbars – Copper / Aluminum
  • Construction In transport Sections for easy transport
  • Modular Transport Sections

8.APFC Panels

A smart approach towards reducing electricity bill charges along with eliminating Power Factor penalty is to go in for APFC (Automatic Power Factor Correction) panel. Lower Power Factor is caused mainly by inductive loads (such as induction motors) which require reactive (kVAr) power to produce magnetic fields Primarily consisting of capacitor banks and contactors for addition / removal of the required KVAr to system so as to improve Power Factor, is what APFC panels do. An APFC relay automatically switched the capacitor banks ON or OFF on based on the actual working load, thereby providing required KVAr and maintaining the power factor close to unity.

We here at UNI-TECH offer you modular as well as non-compartmental construction of APFC panels. We can also provide reactors for protecting the capacitors from the harmful effect of harmonics, if necessary

  • Auto/Manual Modes
  • Construction In transport Sections for easy transport
  • Modular/Compartmental/Non-compartment construction
  • Forced Air Cooling


Safely transferring the electrical power from one location to the other is what Busducts do. These are usually a replacement to Power cables/ Cable bus when it comes to higher ratings. The Busducts are manufactured with air as a dielectric. Necessary clearance and creepage distances are maintained along with required supporting arrangement to withstand forces experienced during short circuits. Material of busbars is Copper or Aluminum based on system and customer requirements.

  • Sturdy Design and Construction
  • Busbars material – Copper / Aluminum
  • Material of Enclosure – MS/SS
  • Busduct Rating – Upto 6000A

10.CE Certified Panels

We can assure you of compliance to CE requirements when it comes to selling your products in European Union. Our team has the necessary design expertise and works hand in hand with customer to come up with the required compliance as per the LVD (Low Voltage Directive) and related Harmonized standards of the European Union. The standards referred for CE marking include IEC 60204 & IEC 61439.

11.CPRI Certified Panels

UNI-TECH provides design and supply of panels in compliance with necessary electrical and mechanical strength to sustain short circuit stresses that an equipment may observe during a short circuit. This is ensured based on our successful design and type tested (50kA for 1 sec) Panel rated up to 2500A. The tests are carried out based on IS 8623 and IEC 61439.

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