Equipped with advanced machineries for high-quality products manufacturing

UNI-TECH is equipped and proficient in all the necessary machinery and testing facilities, set-up at both the operational plants, Shivane and Shirwal, for manufacturing Control Panels, Wiring Harnesses, and electronic Products.

Machinery for manufacturing of Control Panels & Harnesses

Equipped with advanced machineries for the manufacturing of Control Panels and Wiring harnesses, UNI-TECH’s Shivane plant is installed with all latest necessary machines: automatic wire cutting, crimping, ferrule printing, conduit cutting

Machinery for manufacturing of Sheet Metal Fabrication and Powder coating of Enclosures

UNI-TECH’s Shirwal plant is equipped with state-of-the-art machineries: turret punching, bending, shearing machines supported with welding facilities and other accessories. It is equipped with ‘eleven-tank’ powder coating plant to deliver highest quality Enclosures, supported with necessary testing equipment.

Testing and Inspection Equipment

UNI-TECH has built PLC-based wiring harnesses test jigs and automated control panel test jigs to ensure quality and traceability in accordance with its robust quality systems. Plant is also well equipped with other necessary testing equipment.


UNI-TECH is a multi-location organization having plants at Shivane (on the outskirts of Pune, towards west, NDA road) and Shirwal (42 km from Pune on Pune-Bangalore NH48 highway).

Shivane plant is housed in three-storey building and Shirwal plant is built on the expanse of 9 acre.This plant is an eco-friendly, green complex having energy saving design, equipped with rain water harvesting.

Machinery for manufacturing & testing of CABLES (flexible, Auto, Shielded, power, battery cables)

State of the art Insulation Line with bunching, stranding, laying,armouring, coiling & braiding machines.

The cable manufacturing facility is supported with full-fledged Lab equipped with aging oven, hot air oven, cold chamber, thermal stability test apparatus, micro ohm meter, Million Megohm Meter, spark tester, Halogen acid Gas Test Apparatus, Smoke Density test apparatus, Abrasion Test Apparatus (As per ISO:6722)(Ball Type), Profile Projector for concentricity checking.

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